Bach waits for Tom

Hopefully this project will take off in season 2022-2023. Chris Bernhart, known from projects such as “Spetterende Letteren” (Splashing Letters) has initiated this project. The search to the core of Music, Poetry and Theatre will be addressed, as well as the reverse of patterns of expectation that circle around these two gentlemen. The shaping of this performance has been going on for quite a while already , and my part has been arranging a number of violin parts, such as transcribing a solo of Tom Waits’ regular guitarist Marc Ribot.


My trio Rara Avis finds inspiration in many different types of texts from, and one of our most beloved poets is the Persian Sufi poet Hafez (1320-1390). Our new album is not only named after this beautiful poem “How do I listen”, but even contains two versions of it.

How do I listen to others? As if everyone were my Master speaking to me
His cherished last words.