Rara Avis

Some of my favourite moments from Rara Avis’ latest album ‘How Do I Listen’ (2021), and underneath recommended tracks from the CD MIdday Moon (2009).
The latest album has been released in the Donemus Crossover Label; click here for all major streamers, and here for a link to Bandcamp, where you can purchase the album and support the musicians.

How do I listen

A favourite track because of Hafez’ text:

How do I listen to others? As if everyone were my Master speaking to me
His cherished last words.

Refracting Objects

A dramatic moment from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s
“Tender is The Night”

Language of Dreams

Text: Jodi Gilbert

What language are dreams in?
What language is silence?
What do voices sound like?


Rambling Roses


Growing as fast as they can.

Midday Moon (2009)

Midday Moon

We are seeing Things

Day Dream

Arctic Blues